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What's Your Coaching Superpower?

Did you know that there are 5 Coaching Types? Which one are you? Take this quick quiz and find out what makes you a great coach - and what gets in your way!

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Coach With Clarity® Compass

Want to discover your next best step is to create a sustainable, prosperous coaching practice — without the overwhelm? 

The Coach with Clarity Compass is the one tool you need to ensure your next direction is the right one.

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Coach With Clarity® Client Creation Kit

Love coaching, but struggling to find clients? Then you need the Client Creation Kit! With the Coach With Clarity Client Kit, you’ll develop a client generation strategy that's anchored in your strengths, values, and priorities, so you'll actually enjoy marketing! 

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"You've Got A Lead! Now What?" Sysyem 2.0

Congratulations! All that hard work of marketing your coaching business is paying off, and people are interested in learning more about working with you! But what comes next? How do you transform a potential client into a paying one? Sign up and find out!

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From Couch to Coach

Whether you're still thinking about coaching or you're already underway, From Couch to Coach will provide you with the skills and support you need to grow your coaching practice. You'll learn how to build a solid foundation for your coaching practice and how to connect with the clients you most want to serve.

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Book: ACT On Your Business

Discover the six keys to growing a successful business and a fulfilling life. Get your copy of ACT On Your Business today. Great for coaches, clients of coaches, and entrepreneurs of any type!

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Looking to Grow Your Coaching Business?

Get Your Free Coach With Clarity Business Blueprint and go from idea to income in 90 days or less!


What People Are Saying...

Sylvia DeMott

Sylvia DeMott Coaching

Before I joined Coach with Clarity®, I had already invested in private business coaching and another marketing implementation program. That’s why it was especially important to make sure Coach with Clarity® was something different and valuable. And it is!

Being a Coach with Clarity® member has helped me sharpen my coaching skills and my business-building skills. I’ve gotten personalized, on-the-spot coaching and support, and I trust Lee as a coach and a facilitator.

I highly recommend Coach with Clarity® to anyone who is serious about coaching and committed to their growth as a coach and business owner!

Molly Pope
Molly Pope Coaching and Consulting

Before I joined the Collective, I had plenty of questions, and I really wanted support in building my business
Fast forward to today, and I am so glad I made the decision to join! The weekly live calls are terrific, and the monthly guest expert trainings introduced me to other talented professionals who have truly helped me grow my business.

Lee has been one of my most important people, especially during the pandemic, and I don’t know if I’d be doing what I’m doing without her. I’m just so grateful for her. She is genuine, professional, and pretty funny too! I wholeheartedly recommend the Coach with Clarity Collective to anyone starting or running a coaching business. This is the best community out there.

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