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The Therapist's Guide to Starting a Coaching Practice

Here’s the good news:

The knowledge and skills that make you a great therapist will make you an outstanding coach.

Here’s the catch:

There’s more to starting a coaching practice than being a good therapist.

In fact, as a licensed mental health professional, you are held to a higher ethical standard, and you need to be careful and intentional about starting a coaching business.

That's exactly why I created The Therapist’s Guide to Starting a Coaching Practice.

In this free, 21-page download, you’ll discover:

  • The four key elements of your business vision and strategy;
  • How to ethically approach coaching, particularly if you are maintaining your therapy practice;
  • A checklist of must-do tasks to create a solid business structure; and
  • Resources and guidance to build your coaching skills and mindset.

If you’re ready to build a vibrant, fulfilling coaching practice, then sign up for your free guide now!

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The Therapist's Guide to Starting a Coaching Practice

Therapists are uniquely positioned to be powerful coaches. But before we jump into starting a coaching business, there are some important considerations:

* Who do I serve as a coach? How does that client differ from my therapy client?

* How can I create a coaching practice without jeopardizing my license?

* What are the steps I need to take to create a strong framework for my coaching practice?

Get the answers to these questions (and more) in The Therapist's Guide to Starting a Coaching Practice.

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